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Meet the SPOT Card

The SPOT Card is the secure solution for academic credential portability.

The SPOT Card™ is a unique product that will revolutionize and totally change the way colleges, universities and credential issuing entities provide documentation of the educational experiences of their students -- (the production and mailing of transcripts).

SPOT Card is a trademark ™ and patent-pending protected product that will allow students to present all of their educational credentials in one convenient format and have them available without delay for educational institutions or employment situations.

SPOT Card™ is the secure way of allowing students to be able to present their credentials when requested rather than go through the time consuming process of requesting the transcripts, making payment (when required) and then waiting for the document to be sent through the postal system, be received in the mailroom and then eventually be routed to the appropriate office or individual.

The SPOT Card Process

Colleges and Universities (or other credential issuing agencies) will issue SPOT Cards to students instead of (or in addition to) paper transcripts. The SPOT Card is a Secure, Portable, Official Transcript that can be presented (or mailed) by the student to the receiving institution or employer. The SPOT Card is encrypted with state of the art security and cannot be tampered with. The process of "reading" the card and printing the transcript data encrypted on the card is handled by the Portable Credentials' secure server and is very convenient for the recipient. As such, the SPOT Card meets the definition of an official transcript and can then be accepted by the receiving institution or employer.

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